What Students Learn

Beechwood offers its young learners a safe, nurturing environment that addresses the academic and social needs of each child. The academic program includes computational and conceptual mathematics, language arts, public speaking, social studies, science, Spanish, life skills, music, computers, physical education, drama, and art. Students also participate in field trips, clubs, student government, community service, the Reading Buddies program, an outdoor education program, and special summer programs.


There is an emphasis in the early grades on patterning, sorting, and categorizing. Numeration and graphing are also introduced. Beechwood uses the Singapore Math program and strives to have all 8th graders finish with Algebra 1 by the time they graduate. Kinder Prep and kindergarten use a manipulatives-based program to prepare for future development. Beechwood is using an online math program called ST Math. (Beechwood’s link to ST Math)


Kinder Prep and kindergarten focus on literature and oral discussion. In the lower grades Beechwood uses Open Court. Upper grade teachers provide a literature-based curriculum. Phonemic awareness and writing are part of direct instruction.


Beechwood uses the FOSS system which allows teachers to provide hands-on lessons and to meet the California State Standards. Kinder Prep and kindergarten study the natural world through field trips and an examination of the changing seasons.


Starting in 4th grade the curriculum is closely aligned with the State Standards. We use the Houghton-Mifflin series of texts and the teachers emphasize group projects to augment the lessons in the text. Kinder Prep and kindergarten focus on getting to know their local community.


Beechwood has a full-time music teacher who works with K–5th grades on performances with percussion instruments, dance, singing and class plays. Beechwood performs a school musical and a talent show on alternating years.


Art is integrated into the curriculum in K–2nd grades. Beechwood has a part time art teacher who works with grades 3–8 teaching art concepts and history.


All classes receive physical education from a full-time teacher who emphasizes fitness goals and skill building. Students in grades 4-8 participate in city sponsored sports leagues. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized.


Spanish is taught to all grades by a full time Spanish teacher. Starting in the 4th grade, learners are separated into classes for heritage learners and second language learners.